Self-Government Negotiations

There are three “Parties” involved in the Dehlà Got’įne self-government negotiations: the Dehlà Got’įne of Colville Lake, represented by the Behzi Adha" First Nation (BAFN) and the Ayoni Keh Land Corporation; the Government of Canada and the Government of the Northwest Territories.

The Dehlà Got’įne self-government negotiations officially began in 2014 with the signing of a Process and Schedule Agreement, which is an agreement where the Parties describe how the negotiations will happen and what topics they plan to discuss. Since that time, the parties have normally been meeting about once a month for one to three days. At each meeting they discuss different parts of the self-government agreement. Their goal is to work together to write the agreement, piece by piece. To do this they need to explain their ideas and positions on each subject, challenge each other and eventually find common ground.